Brassitech™ project

The idea of ​​the Brassitech ™ project is to create effective, natural, friendly and easy-
to-apply products dedicated to humans and animals, which use special medicinal and health-promoting properties of cabbage…

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We are happy to inform you that our long-awaited natural fodder additive for counteracting Nosemosis in honey bees is now available on Polish market.
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BrassiClean – naturally clean! Our latest revolutionary product – a disinfecting and cleaning liquid based on a white cabbage extract is now availabl
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About us

The idea of the Brassitech™ project

The idea of our brand and Brassitech™ project is to create effective, natural, friendly and easy-to-apply products, dedicated to people and animals, which use special medicinal and health-promoting properties of cabbage.

We launched Brassitech™ project in 2014. It combines the best the nature can give with passion, commitment and knowledge, as well as available technological solutions and the ones designed for the purposes of the project. As a result of our actions, studies and research projects, we have created a dedicated production plant and elaborated unique engineering solutions which allow obtaining the cabbage extract at an industrial scale. We have also completed a series of research projects which show directions for extract application, and developed formulas of innovative and natural products, created on its basis, which contribute to improvements in human and animal well-being.

Taking into account the idea of Brassitech™ project and current civilization problems, we are very proud of this product as it contributes to considerable improvement in bee families and effectively supports treatment of nosemosis, a bee disease. We think that by creating a bee-saving product, based on Brassitech™ extract, we not only do good but also show the size of potential in skillful use of what the nature gives us.

Cabbage – natural health factory

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of cabbage, used in folk medicine, are also widely and successfully used in conventional medicine. Many publications scientifically prove that cabbage is effective in hindering multiplication, growth, and development of pathogenic microorganisms as well as that it has anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, detoxifying, and anti-oxidizing properties, and stimulates immunity and vitality of the organism.

The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory impact of cabbage and its juice, used in folk medicine for ages, is also successfully and widely used in conventional medicine.

There is a number of scientific publications demonstrating the effective impact of cabbage in the process of hindering the development of pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, and molds, counteracting inflammations, stimulating immunity of organism and producing anti-bodies, and effective removal of toxins, such as uric acid and free radicals.

Brassitech™ cabbage extract

To produce Brassitech™ extract, we use the natural properties of cabbage and stimulate its natural processes, as a result of which active substances emerge.

For the Brassitech project, we have elaborated an innovative technology combining a series of processes related to cabbage processing and then isolation and extraction of active substances.

Thanks to the engineering solutions, our Brassitech™ extract is the world’s unique and natural concentrate of all the substances which answer for multi-directional, special, and simultaneously effective medicinal and health-promoting properties of this outstanding vegetable.

People and technology

Brassitech™ is not only company employees, it is also people with passion who share the idea of the project. As part of the project, we cooperate with scientists specializing in extracting and obtaining active substances from plants, chemistry, microbiology, animal well-being, and the treatment of people and animals.

Scientists are not the only people we work with. Our projects also involve people experienced in medicine, pharmacy, cosmetology, as well as farmers and producers who directly experience various problems and who will eventually use our products. We also keep in touch with experts who deal with creating unique and original technical and engineering solutions. Aside from cooperating with particular experts, we also stay close to academic centers and R&D units.

Based on these resources, we have completed a series of research projects which demonstrate not only directions for effective use of the extract in terms of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties but also contributed to the elaboration of innovative products for people and animals. Apart from people, the background for Brassitech™ project is also a production plant with a surface area of 7000m2 with full infrastructure and technology allowing industrial extract production, as well as complete processing and laboratory amenities required to create new products and improve current and look for new ways of extracting active substances from nature.