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Treating sole ulcers and dermatitis digitalis in dairy cows

The product takes a form of ointment. It is natural because its medicinal properties arise from natural Brassitech™ cabbage extract. Thanks to extract obtaining technology, it concentrates diverse fraction of biologically active compounds, included in cabbage, responsible for special and commonly known properties of cabbage in the process of hindering multiplication, growth and development of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria and fungi).

Effectiveness of the preparation has been confirmed through laboratory and field tests performed jointly with Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences. The tests on bacteriostatic and anti-bacterial properties show that the preparation disinfects and substantially contributes to reduction of inflammations of affected areas. The test results also demonstrate that effectiveness of the product can be compared to traditional and commercial chemicals used to treat sole ulcers and dermatitis digitalis in cows – the tests have also showed reduction of growth of microorganisms and, confirmed through analysis of dynamics of changes in acute inflammatory phase protein concentration, reduction of locally developing inflammation, thus having a positive impact on wound healing pace.

Intended use: Treating sole ulcers Treating dermatitis digitalis in dairy cows.

• Disinfects • Reduces hoof inflammations • Reduces growth of microorganisms • Natural character

The cabbage-extract preparation

Brassibee™ product supports counteracting nosemosis and contributes to increased vitality of bees as well as improved condition of bee family. Thanks to this, it can also be used for preventive and prophylactic purposes. As a natural preparation, it is safe for bees and the environment.

Brassibee™ is based on 100% natural cabbage extract which has been used for ages in natural and conventional medicines to hinder development of pathogens, including bacteria, fungi and molds, to counteract inflammations, to detoxify and anti-oxidize, as well as to stimulate immunity and vitality of organism.

To produce the extract, innovative processes stimulating emergence of active substances and allowing their isolation and extraction are adopted. The technological solutions make the extract a unique concentrate of substances responsible for such a special and effective health-promoting influence of cabbage.